Friday, 16 March 2012

A crafty home

I've joined Sandra's 'Cherry Heart' blog for having a pretty crafty home and been inspired to get on with my 'must do' lists. So yesterday I took some photos of my craftroom and the MESS it's in (Bronwyn you'll be surprised, it's sure not it's tidy self). Here goes...

We had the grandkids visiting then several projects finished in a hurry and you know how once you 'stash' some mess in a room it seems to grow all by itself? The above is the outcome.
Anyway, I was home today so I spent some time there this afternoon and now it looks like this . . .  

It still needs the finer sorting that I've been meaning to do for several months now, so I'll post when that's done.
Also this afternoon I got out a quilt top I made several years ago and it's supposed to hang on the wall above the sofa in this room so I did most of the quilting on it, edge quilted around the pink, blue and outer stars. I still have to quilt the white bits, not sure whether to echo quilt or filler quilt, any ideas anyone ? ?

My husband wants me to confess that there is now a big pile of bedding in the laundry waiting to me washed and/or folded and put away and a couple of boxes in the hallway waiting for him to store away tomorrow, but he's still real impressed with what I achieved today.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Doggy Days

It's sooo cute, Rob has gone off to work today with Yoshi in tow (our 4 month old Spoodle). As our girls are still in Melbourne and I was off to work yesterday and today Rob thought Yoshi would be too lonely and has taken him to work.
He must have had a great day yesterday because all he's wanted to do since then is sleep (Yoshi that is).
So the big Iveco van has just driven off with Yoshi's little golden face and big brown eyes looking out the cab window, and in the back is a  bag full of goodies and toys to keep him happy.
Funny..... I don't remember Rob taking the kids to work with him so they wouldn't be lonely???

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Technology Huh?!?

WOW   Today with lots of help form my SIL Bronwyn I managed to add a viewer counter, change the columns and add a link including sign up on Friday Night Sewing... Should be lots of fun and a help with UFO's.  Simple stuff for many of you but rocket science for me.
Hopefully I'll be able to add some fun stuff to my blog and keep up with it a bit more now.