Tuesday, 17 May 2011

My first purchase on our exciting overseas trip

Well Rob and I got off the plane in Seattle and we're picked up by new friends Tom and LeDonna who had kindly invited us to stay with them for the few days we were in Seattle.

Now a short digression ... I had ordered new prescription sunglasses and picked them up less than 24 hrs before we left as I realised how little I could read of small road signs with the old ones and I'm the navigator as we drive around Canada and the US over the next couple of months.

Well 5 minutes down the road from the airport I discover that I've left me new prescription sunglasses on the plane and I haven't seen or heard of them since, not much help from Alaskan airlines on that one.

Naturally then the first thing I did after lunch was go shopping and purchase this .....

... come on now, admit it, how many of you could go 8 weeks without a sewing machine?
The old sunglasses should make for some nice scenic variations in the navigating anyway.

Packing .....

Well we're shortly off on our exciting trip overseas! 8 weeks away with about half the time in Canada and half the time in the USA, including a ...... wait for it .... 7 day cruise to Alaska YAY!!

First tho' is the big job of packing and I'm nearly finished as you can see by the pictures.

Just have to pop them in the suitcases along with a couple of incidental items like ..... oh .... clothes, toiletries and such.
Now for those of you who look at the big 'posted' date on this, you'll just have to ignore it'cause I'm pretending that I'm an organised person who does what she intends when she intends to do it so OF COURSE I got this blog up before we left Australia..... last Thursday, right??? (This is where family and friends nod there head supportively).