Monday, 1 April 2013

NewFO and a Lovely year of Finishes

I had a great time this month starting things ..
I was so inspired by a quilt made by one of the Woodpatch Quilters group that I joined in February and am having lots of fun there, here's a pic of her quilt taken off the group blog
Isn't it beautiful, well so far I've bought a few fabrics while on holiday the last fortnight (that's 2 weeks in case you're wondering), well actually with the addition of 4 fabrics mum gave me out of her stash I have 24 fabrics .... hmmm still a couple more quilt shops to go past on my way home (insert wicked, gloating giggle).  I just have to convince my DH to stop as it's about 9 hour drive home.

I also started a mug rug and mug wrap for Mum and one of each for my sis-in-law's birthday in April, a new hand sewing project for the Rainbow Scrappy Challenge 2013, the Apple of my eye fabric quilt, the vintage motorbike quilt, the Wangaratta Exhibition quilt ummmm I think that's all the new ones.

This is what I've got done so far.
And I took my lovely Apple of my Eye fabrics and made the quilt shown in my last post.

I also 

A Lovely Year Of Finshes,
I didn't get around to posting my quilt for March to finish but this month I've completely finished . . .
1) A Thread of Hope for the Quilt en Sud Exhibition in France
2) The Exhibition entry finished and entry posted to the Wangaratta Contemporary Textile Award

Top finished
1) Apple of My Eye (started and finished)
2) Vintage Motorbike quilt for my father-in-law who has Alzheimers (started and finished)
3) Mug rug and Mug wrap for my Mum (started and finished).
4) A snowball and autumn leaf design made with gorgeous batik wolves and bears etc fabric, that was about half made over 18 months ago.

I think I'm going to struggle with just choosing one thing a month for ALYOF, I guess I'll have to select one and put the rest on the Monthly to do list, yea that should work

I think tho, that next month needs to be a quilting and binding month ....... boring!!