Rainbow Scrappy 2013

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March is Orange.
I'm having a go at adding pages, hope it works.
Since I've joined a few challenges I thought I'd do a separate page for each to make it easier for followers to find each entry if they want to follow things thru.

What a happy colour. When I heard orange was the colour for March it reminded me of the batik quilt I started 18 months ago when we got home from a trip to Canada which included an Alaskan cruise.
I bought the fabrics from a number of shops on our travels, the first couple from a tiny craft shop in Pemberton, British Columbia, small shop but lots of different craft supplies and really nice patchwork fabrics.
Also got some great fabrics from the Russian Taylor quilt shop in Skagway, Alaska (think I've go the name right).
I came up with a design that I thought would suit while still leaving the animal prints as large as possible because they're so lovely, and I balanced them with the leaves, a block I hadn't done before.

The important thing would be the sashing fabric, and that I found at the end of our trip in a lovely quilt shop in Arlington WA called The Quilt Maker's Shop, perfect fabric, sadly tho I didn't buy quite enough for the inner borders to match the sashing however I think we've found one that works in my daughter's stash.
You can see the extra fabric at the bottom of the first picture and the 3rd picture, I think I'm very lucky to find something that's so close.

 Just have to do the 2 borders on it, I have top and bottom of the first pinned on.

Another project . . .
Felted these wooly bits using my Baby Lock felting machine. These are for a competition quilt so can't say anymore, but I did have fun with the bright colours and there's a couple of shades of orange in there, so that qualifies right?

 I got busy and missed posting this so I'll sneak it on here.
Once again the colour choice brought to mind a UFO and so I got out a gorgeous purple Asian quilt that I'd made at least 4 years ago and hadn't finished the binding, I put this quilt on another post but here it is for Rainbow Scrappy.

 Great fabic isn't it, I enjoyed designing the quilt and finally it's finished apart from a label.

I'd forgotten also how big it is, it's almost a queen bed topper, just doesn't cover the pillows.  Purple is such a lovely colour and I wear it a lot but I don't use it in my quilts very often, looking at this quilt might just make me use it more.


  1. Amazing purple fabric and inspired method for using it!

  2. Glad you are using the rainbow challenge as an opportunity to finish up older projects. Sometimes it is nice to have a reminder to pull something out of the closet. Great oranges -- and full of nice memories too.

  3. Thank you. I love the design I came up with for the purple quilt, both quilts actually, and am really happy with how they turned out. Buying fabric on holidays or trips away keeps the memories close for year to come as you enjoy the quilts made from them.

  4. What beautiful fabrics! And projects!

  5. All kinds of nice things you are working on there Sandra-Kay. I like to buy fabric on vacation and so many of my quilts have a piece of someplace else in them.

  6. I love how the colors reminded you of UFO's that needed some attention. Great stories and a wonderful way to remember vacation memories with fabric.