Sunday, 17 March 2013

Progess ... well not really ... on rainbow scrappy

Well I've been doing really well on my To do list, mostly because they have serious deadlines, and looking at everyone else's rainbow posts, wow, that can eat up some time, but it's so much fun!
So I haven't gotten much done myself for it.

I have .... finished the mug wrap to go with the mug rug as a gift for my Mom who likes giraffes, it's sort of orangy brown??
Here it is on the mug rug showing the cute giraffe button on the other side...
 and a close shot of the cute button...

I also finished my orange, gold and blue, batik wild animal quilt top (you'll have to wait till the end of the month and see that on my Monthly To do page).

And this is definitely orange, I did some more on my funny felted thingy that I can't show too much of but I think I can show you this much ....
I was very surprised when, inspired by my blog hopping, I checked out my stash and found all this orange. I would have said I didn't have much  but look what I found ....

Yummy, yummy, yummy.
So now the question is what do I do with them, I've seen so many cool blocks, crumbs, stars, baskets, courthouse, log cabin, spool, houses, strippy etc, etc, I hardly know where to start, not to mention that I have more than fits in my monthly to do list already, maybe I'll have to do my orange blocks next month along with whatever colour comes up then??? What do you think?

And then ... I think I might have to make some pink and purple too because they look so good with everyone's orange .... ooooh perhaps getting into blogging wasn't such a good idea .... but it feel so good!

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