Thursday, 28 March 2013

Rainbow Scrappy, Monthly to do List, Shopping, Sewing.

Well I've not been blogging for the last two weeks arrrg!, getting withdrawal symptoms...
My mum is not on the internet yet and so ... no access.
I know, I know, you can do it on your mobile these days but I'm just not that techno savvy.

It's been lovely to catch up with Mum, my brother and sis-in-law, our eldest daughter and her 3 kids, more on that next week.

While RS2013 blog hopping,/ I saw so many gorgeous combinations with the 3 colours that for my rainbow scrappy this month (March/Orange) I decided to go back to Jan and Feb and sew some hand sewn blocks, with pink, purple and orange .... well I got so busy doing other things that this is as far as I got.

It's dangerous joining sewing groups and blogs, you get too many ideas. I was so inspired by the Asian quilt done by one of the Woodpatch Quilters (see Feb show and tell in that I have to make one of my own and went looking for Asian fabics to suit and this is what I found in a week of shop hopping.  There are so many more quilting shops in Vic than we have in the adelaide hills and so we've had a lot of fun shopping.
So many yummy fabrics, and as one of them has hexagons (it's a cheat fabric) I decided to so some hexy  blocks, got one lot finished and another started, for the ends of a row I'll applique them onto the dark blue probably, then do a block of the cheat hexy, and then in the centre a hexy shape shasiko (??) stitched block, I think that  will look nice.
I thought I had a pretty good haul but then yesterday did a quick trip, a 3 minute walk around the corner from my daughter's house (lucky girl) to a nice little Qshop and found these, 2 more Asian and a couple more for my William Morris or maybe for a Farmer's Wife block quilt (more on that another time).

We are supposed to update our Monthly to do List on the last for the month, but i won't be able to access the internet again till Monday night so here 'tis.

1) Make Mug wrap for Mum.    DONE - and was very popular with the family that I've started another one for my sis-in-law's birthday in a few weeks.

2) Finish sashing and borders for Alaskan/Canadian wild animal batik quilt - DONE the top is all finished and I love it. Forgot to take a picture.

3) Get Jayden's quilt on the quilting frame and start quilting it. HMMM - parly done as the backing is on the frame but I have to confess that that was already done when I wrote the list.

4) Make a knee rug for Father in law with Vintage Motorbike fabric DONE - wellthe top anyway because I forgot to pack the wadding and backing, so quilting it will be on next months list.

  5) Finish competition entry for Wangaratta Art Gallery, Contempary Textile Awards - DONE and the entry form was sent off and has been received so now we wait to see if it's accepted for the exhibition.

6) Cut out and start quilt from "Apple of my Eye" fabric. DONE - the top is finished and ready to take home and quilt, I think next month will have lots of quilting on the list and I LOVE how it came out, I have a pretty green for the binding that picks up the green leaves.

 7) Must do! Add sleeve etc to finish "A Thread of Hope" quilt and send off to French competition along with the reticule entry. DONE - well not sent yet, that will be done when I get home next week
 but sleeve and label has been put on.

ALSO DONE this month ...

1)Finished the reticule, by beading the knot on the second draw string, it just needs labelling and then will go to France with 'A Thread of Hope' for the Exhibition later this year, the picture shows the one the left not done but it is now.

2)Made the Asian hexies shown above.

3) Started a new Rainbow Scrappy thingy shown above.

4) Worked some more on a William Morris Block, got the green leaves done and most of the red bits, here's a pic of it with some of that done.
 5) Helped our daughter with her applique quilt for her daughter, just sketched a couple of things for the blocks and of course went fabric shopping with her, SUCH a trial but someone has to do it  (big martyred sigh here).

Anyway must run for now, hope to get back to blogging on Monday.
Wishing all who celebrate it a very blessed and happy Easter, and if that's not you have a great weekend anyway.

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  1. Great finishes - and great find with that motorcycle fabric, that's pretty cool. Wm Morris' blocks are always so pretty. Your's is turning out wonderful.