Saturday, 9 March 2013

Monthly to do lists

I'm a big one for to do lists . . . writing them anyway. Not so good as following them, and i've been known to add something I've done that wasn't on the list just so I can cross it off for that wonderful feeling of accomplishment ... that's not cheating is it??
 So.. I've signed up on a Monthly to do list at Pigtales and Quilts, I'm thinking it will be fun and inspiring to share with others, all trying to keep to our plan.  Check out and sign up along with us.

Here's something I finished last month but it need a mug wrap to go with it and that's going to one my list as this is a gift for my Mum Dorothy Barton (so please anyone who knows her, DON'T say anything as it's a surprise.

Now my to do list.

1) Make Mug wrap for Mum.
2) Finish sashing and borders for Alaskan/Canadian wild animal batik quilt
3) Get Jayden's quilt on the quilting frame and start quilting it.
4) Make a knee rug for Father in law with Vintage Motorbike fabric
5) Finish competition entry for Wangaratta Art Gallery, Contempary Textile Awards
6) Cut out and start quilt from "Apple of my Eye" fabric.
7) Must do! Add sleeve etc to finish "Hope" quilt and send off to French competition along with the reticule entry.

Hmmm, I may need to prioritise these a bit as I am going to be away for half the month, I'll probably take the knee rug and apple fabric with me to do while visiting my Mum.

Here are the blocks for the Animal fabric, I have sewn the sashing and the first borders are cut out ready.  I made these over a year ago when we got back from a trip to Canada with an Alaskan cruise.
You can't see how gorgeous the fabrics are, I'll take more pics for other posts.

Well I'd better got going, as it looks like I have a lot to do.


  1. Oh my ... that's an impressive list!
    Don't tell too many but I've also added to my list just so I have something to cross off :)

  2. It is a bit scary when you see it written down. Fingers crossed .... no if I do that I wont be able to sew :O

  3. That looks like a lot to get done with only half of a month. I have that tendency too. List and want to get so much accomplished and then not do it. I'm doing better these last couple months - good luck with yours. The mug rug is adorable with the giraffe Really cute. I'm following you!

  4. The latter part of the month I'm staying with my Mum for a week and I'll take a couple of projects with me, no kids, no hubby, no work, just Mum and me, should be able to get lots of sewing done there. Thanks for following!

  5. Ive had fun looking at your blog! Your To Do list has lots on it though so I shall watch to see how you do!! thanks for popping by to my blog. Oh yes and I love your hexie quilt.