Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Finished YAY! ... well sort of

OK so I decided this morning to take all 3 projects as I had 'just a little bit' of the binding left to do and then I could choose one of the others to do 'fun' stuff on.

Grrrrr. don't you hate it when there's more left than you thought! I didn't have 1 and a bit sides left to stitch, I had 3 and a bit side so it took my the whole 4plus hours to do, well along with some chatting and snacking.
Finally I'd finished and was doing a major 'happy dance' around the room (no I don't have pictures!) when a voice cut in to say , "No you haven't, there's no label", again Grrrrrr.

So ... I now have a long addition to my UFO list, I've come home and realised that most of my quilts haven't been labeled.
 Perhaps I need to start a "label your quilt" group??

It's crazy to have left this for so long so close to finished, the feature fabric is so gorgeous, here's a couple of close up pics.

So now, just a label and a name, then it's really, truly finished, any suggestions welcome.


  1. I'm not very good at labeling my quilts... I keep telling myself to take a day and do it but it seems that day never comes! What a beautiful quilt!!

  2. Hi Deb, Quilts are a lot more fun than labels! I printed off a bunch of them but they just got pushed aside as I saw some giraffe print fabric at the LQS and made a mug rug for my Mum and when looking for fabric to use for it I found a half finished quilt and have been working on that!! Oh well, one day, maybe.

  3. I was labeling mine religiously, but then fell off the wagon. Now I only label the ones I give as gifts.

  4. I was wondering about that but then I though what happens if you decide to give it away some time later, or in latter years would I want to know when i made the quilt?? I think labeling has to stay on my to do list, don't know whether it will ever get ticked off tho.